About Us

We’re the healthcare brand protection people - from print to digital and beyond.


Health marketing is a multibillion dollar a year business. Yet many organizations do not even spend a mere half-percent (.005%) of their total marketing budget on risk compliance and protection. 

We realize there is a growing need for health marketing compliance education and solutions.  Something that is easy to access, understand, and teachable.  We’re not a law firm – although our founders are brand protection attorneys.  We believe that the best service that we can provide lies somewhere between you and your lawyers.   

That’s why we’ve created Ounce Health.  We hope that we have the opportunity to serve you.


Our People


James Hastings, Principal

James has a dual background as a brand consultant and attorney.  After a stint in New York and Washington DC, he was the director of product research and IP counsel to a national catalog retailer that featured health and wellness products.

He is counsel to a leading brand protection law firm where he provides guidance on trademark protection and advertising and promotions matters to a wide variety of global clients, including in the healthcare sector.

James has been quoted in several national publications on brand protection matters, including Bloomberg BNA, Corporate Counsel, and Law.com.


Jess Collen, Principal

Jess Collen comes both from the legal and business worlds.   He has been involved in healthcare for most of his career, spending over 15 years running a company in the retail pharmacy and durable medical equipment industry, and co-founded a nonprofit that built and operated two health centers in eastern Africa for a decade.

Jess has long been recognized as a leader in the field of trademark law as an attorney, advisor and litigator.  He has been on the cutting edge of brand protection issues for over the past 30 years, and was the co-founder of one of the world’s first blockchain companies in the intellectual property community.

He also serves as a business development consultant and is a member of the District Export Council, a private, non-profit organization, whose members are appointed for four year terms by the Secretary of Commerce from throughout the State of New York.

Your entire organization is responsible for keeping your brand healthy. This includes the c-suite, marcom, financial, professional staff, and outside vendors. Awareness and training is what make all the difference.
— The Ounce Health Team