MAKE YOUR Brand’s Health Priority #1

Brand protection & awareness training for hospitals.


Most healthcare systems struggle to understand and protect their most valuable asset – their brand.


Failure to document valuable branding assets

Lack of cross-departmental training

Brand policies & procedures not always followed

Brand risk awareness not a priority until its too late


The health of your hospital’s brand is everyone’s responsibility.


Understand the features that comprise your hospital’s brand, including trademarks, copyrights, goodwill, and how they translate into economic value.


Learn what are the greatest risks to your healthcare brand and how to identify and mitigate those risks from damaging your brand’s reputation.


Identify marketing + creative assets that you can protect and grow in value through effective brand asset documentation programs.


Who should train:

  • Employee brand ambassadors

  • Finance & Strategy

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Human resources

  • Legal

  • Information technology

  • Outside marketing partners




James Hastings, JD

Member: SHSMD, NESHco

Jamie Hastings is a principal of Ounce Health, a brand protection and training consultancy. Jamie is a featured instructor to legal and business groups on brand protection and marketing compliance training. He is the editor of the online publication, Healthcare Marketing Law Guide. Jamie was the founder of a long-term care marketing education company and was in-house counsel to a national catalog retailer that features health and wellness products. He is a Legal Lean Sigma® yellow-belt, certified to help companies implement process improvement techniques and programs. Jamie has been quoted in several national publications on brand protection matters, including Bloomberg BNA, Corporate Counsel, and


Jess Collen, JD

Member: SHSMD, NESHco

Jess Collen is a principal of Ounce Health and founding member of Collen IP, a leading brand protection law firm. He has been involved in healthcare for most of his career, spending over 15 years running a company in the retail pharmacy and durable medical equipment industry, and co-founded a nonprofit that built and operated two health centers in eastern Africa for a decade. Jess has been recognized by Trademark Insider as one of the top 50 trademark attorneys in the United States. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the International Trademark Association and a featured contributor on issues related to brand value and protection.


Faculty Advisor


Bennett Collen

AdJUNCT PROF., Boston College Carroll School of Management

Bennett Collen is a leader in blockchain innovation. He currently is head of GoDaddy's blockchain + trademark initiative. Bennett is an Adjunct Professor at the Boston College Carroll School of Management, teaching Business Applications of Blockchain. Previously, he was the founder of Cognate, a platform that uses blockchain to help businesses protect and profit from their intellectual property assets. He is the Coordinator of the Blockchain Task Force for the Emerging Issues Committee of the International Trademark Association (INTA), and sits on the Blockchain Intellectual Property Council within the Digital Chamber of Commerce.

Bennett has been a sought after speaker on blockchain innovation and brand protection at universities and events in the US and Europe, including the United States Capitol, the EU Intellectual Property Office, Harvard Business School, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt University, Stanford University, Wake Forest University, and University of New Hampshire Law Schools, and George Mason University.


 How it Works


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A healthy brand is vital to your mission.

Healthcare brands face risks to their economic value and competitive advantage on a daily basis. But knowledge of your brand’s strengths can also be a key driver in your economic success and community mission.

Ounce Health’s brand awareness training helps you and your team identify your brand risks and maximize its value. Are you ready to get started?