Protect the value of your healthcare brand.


Health marketing mistakes can be costly to YOUR REPUTATION.



average legal fees and expenses for contested trademark or copyright suit through trial

$35,000 -$150,000

monetary penalties for copyright infringement of digital images, website content, software licenses, articles, videos, and other protectable works (per infringing copy).


Prevent costly marketing mistakes and keep your brand healthy.


Protect your marketing campaigns.

You want to remain compliant. We’ll help make it easier with content review, checklists, and guidelines.


Practice prevention.

Minimize your marketing risks for approximately 0.005 percent of your total marcom budget.


Grow your marketing portfolio value.

Register and manage your names, slogans, and content to build your brand and stay ahead of your competitors.


Stay healthy.

Receive helpful continuing education and training to remain compliant and stay that way. 


We should work together if…


You are:

  • hospital or healthcare system

  • urgent care clinic

  • physician practice

  • dental practice

  • VNA

  • home care agency

  • health care marketing agency

  • health + wellness products provider

You need to:

  • make sure your marketing campaigns are compliant

  • obtain clearances and permissions

  • register and protect your names and content

  • follow HIPAA Marketing rules

  • avoid copyright infringement

  • get training for you and your team

  • draft written policies and procedures

  • avoid social media risks


Do you practice safe health marketing?

Example Website REview

Here are just some of the things we look for when reviewing a website for compliance and brand protection.

  1. Logo & Brand Name

  2. Tagline

  3. Image Rights & Licenses

  4. Claim Substantiation

  5. HIPAA Marketing

  6. Campaign Slogan

  7. Work for hire agreements

  8. Marketing copy review and clearance

  9. Social media guidelines

  10. Copyright registration and policies


Print, Radio, TV, and Outdoor - we help secure your brand TRUST and REPUTATION.