Plans & Pricing

Marketing Protection Services


Our services are available either on-demand or thru our subscription plan.


Brand Clearance and Marketing Solutions

  • marketing compliance review

  • brand name clearance search

  • logo design clearance search

  • tagline clearance search

  • Claim substantiation review

  • vendor agreements (work for hire)

  • ADA website compliance review

  • HIPAA Marketing review

  • Licenses and Permissions

  • Marketing campaign copy review

  • Legal and privacy policies

  • Social media polices

Digital Assets Protection Solutions

Set-up a U.S copyright protection program for your eligible marketing assets to maximize your portfolio value and stay ahead of your competition. Eligible marketing collateral includes:

  • videos (patient and brand stories)

  • print advertising campaigns and collateral

  • radio and television spots

  • marketing campaign slogans

  • design logos

  • presentations

  • photos

  • illustrations and designs

  • website copy and content

  • print collateral

  • white papers

  • thought leadership articles 

  • publications and journals submissions

  • presentations


Education + Training

Our marketing compliance and protection training solutions can help your team get on the right track and stay that way. Training is either ½ day of one-day on site.

  • Lean Six Sigma for health marketers

  • HIPAA marketing compliance

  • name selection and protection

  • how to implement checklists and guidelines

  • advertising compliance

  • recognizing copyright risks

  • brand protection tips

  • tools for organizational training


One-Time | StARTING at $205.00


Need custom brand and marketing protection solutions? We’re here to help with most solutions delivered within 3-5 business days.

Annually | $150+/mo+

Subscription Plans

Looking for a more in-depth process where we can help protect your marketing on an on-going basis? Consider a subscription plan.


Recommended investment

The Half-Percent Rule

We recommend that at least .005% (1/2 of one-percent) of your total annual marketing budget be invested in protecting your brand and adopting marketing risk prevention and awareness training.

That’s just an Ounce of prevention to stay ahead of your local health care competitors.


Total Marketing Protection Budget = $15,050.00 (based on median hospital annual total marketing spend of $3.1MM)

Ounce Deliverables:

  • Comprehensive marketing collateral audit = $4000

  • ON-CALL Compliance Helpdesk = $2400

  • Full-day training of all marketing staff = $3400

  • Prepare Health Marketing Asset Report™ = $2600

  • Review and provide work for hire and social media policy and guidelines = $1500

  • Review/provide copyright and third-party use policy = $1500




Median Marketing Budget: $3.1MM/yr*
*source: Klein & Partners/Greystone.Net

.005 percent rule: $15,050.00/yr +

+ recommended investment is based on first year of Ounce Health engagement only.