Make your healthcare branding stronger in 90 days.


Your 90-day plan for greater protection.


Step 1. Get a baseline risk score


Our Brand Strength Checkup is designed to help you discover which components of your healthcare branding and marketing efforts are at risk and where you have opportunities for greater protection of your brand and marketing collateral assets.

Brand Strength Checkup includes a holistic review of your branding assets, including:

  • trademarks and names

  • logos and taglines

  • copyright

  • internal policies & procedures

  • licenses and permissions

  • claims substantiation

  • HIPAA Marketing & privacy

  • Vendor agreement compliance

Step 2. Reduce your healthcare branding & marketing risks

BRAND BOOSTER™ (days 31-60)

Minimize your brand risks and prevent damage to your reputation with proactive risk management solutions:

  • marketing compliance review

  • brand name clearance search

  • logo design clearance search

  • tagline clearance search

  • Claim substantiation review

  • vendor agreements (work for hire)

  • ADA website compliance review

  • HIPAA Marketing review

  • Licenses and Permissions

  • Marketing campaign copy review

  • Legal and privacy policies

  • Social media polices

Step 3. Increase the value of your health marketing assets


Set-up a brand assets protection program for your eligible marketing assets to maximize your portfolio value and stay ahead of your competition. Eligible marketing collateral includes:

  • trademarks

  • taglines

  • videos (patient and brand stories)

  • print advertising campaigns and collateral

  • radio and television spots

  • marketing campaign slogans

  • design logos

  • presentations

  • photos

  • illustrations and designs

  • website copy and content

  • print collateral

  • white papers

  • thought leadership articles 

  • publications and journals submissions